bamboo_directy2a-2_textmediumYou, one of your friends or family may have gotten a diagnosis of Hepatitis (B or C). This may or may not have been a surprise but now you have some challenges and decisions ahead of you. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been considering the effects of liver damage for many years. In the 1980s China developed its own hepatitis B epidemic. The doctors there have for the last 20 years been refining Chinese herbal medicine to lessen the damage of both hepatitis B and C. They have found that Chinese herb formulas can help to protect the liver against long-term damage of the hepatitis virus. Chinese formulas can be modified to work with patients with or without interferon.

In addition, on the web, you may find that many people will make claims and try to sell you stuff. If you are taking Chinese Herbs you should really, really talk to the person who is selling them to you. Preferably you should see them face to face but someone who sells you a (quote/unquote) Hepatitis Formula without any kind of discussion at all is really treading lightly on ethics. Any formula for Hepatitis will be relatively expensive... around $100 a month. Taking too little may not do you any good. You may have to take these for several months if not years. Talk to a good practitioner before you shell out the money. You can check Gancao.net for a licensed practitioner near you.


Douglas Eisenstark is a licensed herbalist and acupuncturist in Santa Monica, CA now teaching at two Los Angeles-area acupuncture schools. In the Spring of 2002, Douglas traveled to the Beijing City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine where he studied with some of the doctors on the cutting edge of TCM treatment.

Douglas Eisenstark   L.Ac.